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The Glass and Glazing Quarterly Review is a snapshot of the previous quarter’s activity in architectural glass-related construction. It measures the dollar value of work performed by contract glaziers and glass/metal contractors in the U.S. during the three-month period. The three-page, information-packed PDF is available for free to industry members. (To subscribe, see below.)

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KMR Research’s quarterly glass and glazing dollar value figures are calculated using proprietary models that take into account several secondary inputs, including the U.S. Census Bureau’s monthly Construction Spending figures, and adjust for estimated glass and glazing activity. This includes ongoing new construction and renovation activity during a given period, and accounts for materials, labor and other associated costs. Individual models designed by KMR are applied to 17 different construction subsectors, which are then aggregated into their respective categories (Nonresidential-Commercial, Nonresidential-Institutional, Multifamily).