North American Auto Glass Industry Report, 2020 Market Shares and Demand

The North American automotive glass manufacturer market is valued at well over $3 billion, according to the new U.S. and North American Auto Glass Market Report [2020 Edition] from KMR Research, a division of Key Media & Research (KMR).

KMR is the primary provider of information for the automotive glass and related industries. The report includes data and insight about the OE and aftermarket industries.

Demand for OEM auto glass has increased steadily for much of the past decade but leveled out around 2015 and 2016. Aftermarket replacement glass demand has edged up at a slower but more consistent rate over the same period of time. Both are expected to increase moderately over the next few years, though at a more tepid pace than the immediate post-recession period.

The auto glass repair and replacement service segment continues to increase in overall value, due to an increase in demand and in the value of glass and related services.

The automotive glass manufacturing industry has undergone major shifts over the last decade, and several manufacturers produce nearly all of the product on the North American market. The 2000s have seen an influx of Asian influence on the region’s industry, with two key Chinese companies gaining significant market share.

Meanwhile, four manufacturers dominate the automotive replacement glass adhesive space, with two combining to own a large majority of the market.

Several key trends are impacting the replacement industry, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and the OEM industry, including the development of glass that implements new-age technologies. This comes at a time when retailers have voiced concern about the quality of glass on the aftermarket, prompting manufacturers to distinguish their replace­ment glass product as superior.

Key figures included in the U.S. and North American Auto Glass Market Report [2020 Edition] include:

  • North American Auto Glass Manufacturer Market Shares (Overall, OEM and Aftermarket)
  • Domestic Demand for Automotive OEM Glass
  • Domestic Demand for Auto Glass Replacement
  • Annual Demand for Replacements (2016-2021)
  • Share of Replacement Demand by U.S. Region
  • Share of Replacement Demand by U.S. State
  • Top-40 Vehicle Makes/Models for Replacement
  • Share of Replacements by Vehicle Year
  • Auto Glass Replacement/Repair Market Landscape
  • Replacement Adhesive Supplier Market

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